Mike Jansen

Mike Jansen
Mike has published flash fiction, short stories and longer work in various anthologies and magazines in the Netherlands, including Holland-SF, Cerberus, Wonderwaan, Ator Mondis and Babel-SF and Verschijnsel anthologies such as Ragnarok and Zwarte Zielen (Black Souls).

Since 1991 Mike has written several short stories and has started work on about seven books, which never got finished for various reasons. Besides that he sat on the Jury of King Kong Awards and Millennium Prize and ran Babel Publications together with Roelof Goudriaan for almost ten years.Splatterpunk Saints

Obviously he lives in the Netherlands, in Hilversum which is close to Amsterdam. He has won awards for best new author and best author in the King Kong Award in 1991 and 1992 respectively as well as an honorable mention for a submission to the Australian Altair Magazine launch competition in 1998. More recent publications in various English language ezines and anthologies





  • Ophelia In My Arms (story collection, print/e-book, JWK Fiction, USA, 2013)
  • The Failing God (fantasy novel, print/e-book, JWK Fiction, USA, 2014)


Short stories

More on Mike’s website: English publications


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