Floris M. Kleijne

Floris M. Kleijne (Amsterdam, 1970) has been writing speculative fiction, and dreaming of getting his stories published, since early childhood. It was only after his switch to the English language in 2002 that he began seeing his stories in print. In 2004, he was the first Dutch writer to win the Writers of the Future Contest; in 2012, he was the first Dutch writer to qualify for active membership of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).
In The Netherlands, he is actively involved in the Paul Harland Prijs contest, and associated initiatives to promote and strengthen Dutch-language speculative fiction. He is also the editor of the Millenniumanthology of the best Paul Harland Prijs stories of 2008. In 2013, LINK Publishers fulfilled his original and almost forgotten dream by publishing two of his Dutch stories in their Short Fiction series.

He has a truck load of free stories on his site.






Short stories

  • Deep Red (in: Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, USA, 2002, FREE READ on AnotheRealm.com, FREE DOWNLOAD as podcast on Pseudopod)
  • Conversation With A Mechanical Horse (published finalist in Writers of the Future Vol.XX, USA, 2004)
  • Beans And Marbles (in: Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Australia, 2004, FREE DOWNLOAD as podcast)
  • Meeting The Sculptor (1st place winner in Writers of the Future Vol.XXI, USA, 2005)
  • Diamond Sharks (in: Leading Edge Magazine, USA, 2008)
  • Dumb Son (podcast by Sniplits.com, USA, 2009)
  • What Happened While Don Was Watching The Game (in: Big Pulp Magazine, USA, 2011, FREE READ returning soon)
  • Prisoner Of War (in: Space & Time Magazine, USA, 2012)
  • Trick Or Treat (in: Big Pulp Magazine, USA, 2012)
  • Mashup (in: Daily Science Fiction, USA, 2013, FREE READ)
  • A cold welcome (in: Penumbra e-mag, Paranormal Adventures issue, USA, 2014)
  • A matter of Mass (winner of the SF Comet contest, China, 2014, FREE READ)


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