A Dutch Treat, that may not sound like something that deserves your attention. But in this case there are no tricks. Because A Dutch Treat is all about speculative fiction in English by Dutch-speaking authors. What’s more, some of their works are available as free downloads or free online reads. Now, who wouldn’t call that a treat?

On the main page of this blog we will tell you about new books and stories that have been published by Dutch-speaking authors. If you’re interested, you may leave your email address in the “Subscribe” section. You’ll get a notification every time a new post has been added.

The page Free Books shows books and stories sorted by author. Clicking on an author’s name brings you to the website of that author. If the name is not blue the author has no English website. Clicking on a title brings you either to a download page or to an online read page.

On the page Covers you will see some of the books that the authors have published. This page is just for fun. There are no links.

Disclaimer: everything has been checked before publication. Should you however come across something that seems wrong, please email all the details to: adutchtreat@xs4all.nl

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