Still in the air (but not a podcast)

This site seems to be dead, but it isn’t. The problem is Dutch authors don’t seem to have free stories anymore. Or they use their own channels. No more Hugo awards as well. So please enjoy what we have here and follow the links. And tell your friends about the free stories on this site.

Welcome to A Dutch Treat 2.0

A Dutch Treat has been completely renewed. The emphasis is now on the free books. Everything else you want to know about authors and their work you may find on their websites. The main page is now called Free Books. There you will find links to free online reads and free downloads, sorted by author. The author’s names are the links to their websites, if they have any. So now all you want to know about free books is on one single page.
We start this new version with 14 authors, 13 free online reads and 25 free downloads. Make sure to check in regularly because we have not yet covered every Lowlands author.

Thomas Olde Heuvelt gets Hugo Award

For the third time Thomas Olde Heuvelt was nominated for a Hugo Award. And this time he did it. His story ‘The day the world turned upside down’ won in the category Best Novelette. In 2012 the story already won the most prestigious award of the Netherlands, the Harland Award. It’s the first time a Dutch author wins the Hugo. So actually it is a double win. Check the page of Thomas and the other authors to learn about their works in English.

Finding the works of Dutch-speaking authors

Suppose you enjoyed a book or a story in English by a Dutch-speaking author and you wonder if there is more work like that, then you would face a hard time finding anything. Now there is A Dutch Treat, a blog that will show you the way, if you are interested in speculative fiction written by Dutch-speaking authors.

Go to the Free Books tag at the top of the page. You will see a list of free books and stories sorted by author. The author’s names are links to their websites. The titles of books and stories are links that bring you straight to downloads or online reads.

At this point there are only thirteen enlisted authors, but the blog will be regularly updated. Please tell your friends about A Dutch Treat.